Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Advance Building Systems located?

Advance Building Systems, an independent, authorized dealer of Guard-All Building Solutions, has our head office located in Calgary, AB, with sales representatives and installation crews throughout the provinces of Western Canada.

What types of buildings do you manufacture and install?

We sell and service a variety of pre-engineered structures as well as shade structures and custom solutions.

What type of material is the roof constructed of?

We employ a variety of high-density fabrics, depending on the application. The standard material is a polyethylene product.

What if the material is punctured or damaged?

The building material can be repaired using a heat-welded patch that will ensure an aesthetic repair that will last with the building.

This is a temporary building only, right?

While we can provide a building as a temporary solution, our buildings are designed and installed as a permanent facility in order to conform to the National Building Code or the applicable code in the local jurisdiction.

I was told these building cannot be insulated.

We have insulated numerous facilities for our customers, using a proprietary insulation product that will provide values of about R20. Just like conventional steel framed and post framed structures, we can insulate for your needs. Please contact us to see examples.

What is the structure frame made of?

The frame supporting the roof system is made from steel that is either hot dipped galvanized, powder-coated, galvanized or primer painted.

What is your product warranty?

Depending on the material used, we offer a 15 year pro-rated warranty on our roof materials and a 30 year warranty on framing materials - one of the best in the industry.

Are your structures engineered?

Yes, all structures are pre-engineered to meet the specific site requirements for your area. This includes, among other things, wind and snow loads. We have designed and installed structures with snow loads up to 7.0 kPa, typical western Canada loads are 1.8-1.9 kPa.

Do you provide installation services?

Yes, we have a network of professional installers located throughout Western Canada who are experts at working with modified designs and custom solutions.

Do you provide a turn-key solution or just the building?

We can source your entire project solution using our in house project management team and our network of service professionals. We have found that sourcing services for our customers ensures a smooth process from concept to the handover of the keys.

What building sizes are available?

Building sizes range from 30'wide to 320'+ wide and any length.